The Founders Academy Teaches the Essential Skills to Success 
Hello, and Welcome to The Founders Academy. If you were like me 2 years ago, you’d probably wondering right now, why would I want to go to Founders Academy. For me the reason I came, was the fact that The Founders Academy offers a unique type of education. One that focus on skills that might be more practical in a business type scenario. In Elementary school you learned to read, write, and to do math. That's good, but in a work environment you need those, but you would also need to know how to publicly speak, just like I am right now, debate things and be able to formulate your opinion verbally. And only The Founders Academy teaches these essential skills to success. After making the decision to come to the Founders Academy, I still had one important question. How would I make friends? Would I be accepted? If you are going into the 6th grade, let me give you a hint, everyone else is asking the same questions. Everyone's a little nervous. This makes it easy to makes friends. Especially in the Founders Academy. You will be coming to school one day before the rest of the grades for a 6th grade day only. So while you are at school take the opportunity to make friends with your fellow 6th graders. If you are starting at The Founders Academy in a grade above 6th grade, what do you do? I was in the same boat when I first came to Founders. What I discovered is that many of the students at Founders, especially in the High School, are extremely friendly. I was approached by many students on my first day and made many friends. From there my new friends introduced my to more people, until I met my entire grade. My choice to go to the Founders Academy was the best decision I’ve made in my life so far, and if I were to give one piece of advice to a new student coming to Founders, I’d tell them to go to one of the summer camp programs that Founders offers, because it will allow you to make friends before the school years starts. Thank you, and goodnight. 
-an 8th grade student, given at an Admissions Open House
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