Volunteer of the Month

The Founders Academy Highlights:

Volunteer of the Month
Thank you to our many hardworking volunteers at The Founders Academy! We are grateful for the hours of support you donate to our school.

2019 / 2020 School Year

May 2020 - Rep. Barbara Comtois


The Volunteer of the Month for May is Barbara Comtois. Mrs. Comtois is a trustee at Founders and treasurer of the school. She lends her extensive finance and accounting background to our community.   Mrs. Comtois is a State Representative representing the town of Barnstead and serves on the Committee on Environment and Agriculture. 

Mrs. Comotis is an active farmer who once raised sheep, pigs and chickens and grows hydroponic produce. She values history, community, state and family. Founders is fortunate to have Mrs. Comtois as a trustee, treasurer, supporter and volunteer. 

Congratulations Rep. Comtois, and thank you for all you do for Founders!

April 2020 - Sue Lawton


The Volunteer of the Month for April is Sue Lawton. Mrs. Lawton is an original Founders' parent and a school Trustee. Since the school's opening, Mrs. Lawton has been present on the campus, always eager to help.

She is the Vice President for Membership for the PTSG (Parent/Teacher/Student Group). Mrs. Lawton assists at dances, plays, concerts, Fall Festivals, Spring Flings, and just about every other event at Founders. She is a consummate professional with a friendly and encouraging word to everyone - teachers, students and parents. Founders is fortunate to have Mrs. Lawton as a parent and volunteer.

Congratulations Mrs. Lawton, and thank you for all you do for Founders!

March 2020 - Scott Perron


The Volunteer of the Month for March is Scott Perron. Mr. Perron is a parent and a school Trustee. He is also the volunteer Treasurer for the PTSG (Parent/Teacher/Student Group). Mr. Perron is very conscientious and efficient in supporting Founders. He pays careful attention to detail and lends thoughtful advice for school governance.

Scott Perron comes to the Math Club on Mondays after school to teach the students about global trading as part of the Junior Achievement program. Founders is fortunate to have Mr. Perron as a parent and volunteer.

Congratulations Mr. Perron, and thank you for all you do for Founders!

February 2020 - Bob Best


The Volunteer of the Month for February is Bob Best. Mr. Best is a school Trustee and chairs the Board.  He is consistently giving his valuable time, learned insight and skills to the Founders' community. He is very supportive of the school's mission, students, teachers and staff.

In addition to Board matters, he is a regular at school events including being the one who chooses the winning pumpkin at the annual Fall Festival. A lawyer by profession, Founders' is very fortunate to have his expertise and talent to lead Founders forward.

Congratulations Mr. Best, and thank you for all you do for Founders! 

January 2020 - Diane Kolbe


The Volunteer of the Month for January is Diane Kolbe. Mrs. Kolbe is a Founders' parent and does several things to support the school. She volunteers as a substitute teacher and provides delicious dishes and treats for the teachers and staff. She is very supportive of the school, and most especially the Jazz Ensemble Band.

Congratulations Mrs. Kolbe, and thank you for all you do for Founders!

December 2019 - Patty Humphrey


The Volunteer of the Month for December is Patty Humphrey. Patty Humphrey is a Founder and Trustee at Founders Academy. It was her vision, thoughtfulness and generosity that brought Founders into reality. She is very dedicated to the Founders' mission and believes in students taking the lead whenever possible.

Since the school's opening in 2014, she has been a regular presence at the school taking on various projects including Student Government, recess and back field development and Olympic Field Day, lunch duties and other ways to assist.

Currently she is working with students on a new indoor recess area. Previously she worked with students on creating the Student Leadership Code of Conduct and the Code of Discipline that are still in use today. She is always there to help and her reliability is unmatched. Her work in promoting and supporting New Hampshire Charter Schools spans 25 years and she's been recognized by statewide organizations for her commitment to school choice.

Congratulations Mrs. Humphrey, and thank you for all you do for students and families in New Hampshire!

November 2019 - Michael Lawton


The Volunteer of the Month for November is Michael Lawton. Michael Lawton is a “founding parent” at the school having been a parent at Founders since its opening in 2014. 

Mr. Lawton has done many things for Founders throughout the years, but most recently he DJ’d the Fall Festival and both Halloween Dances for Middle and High School Students. We are so grateful for his many talents which he lends to Founders. Congratulations Mr. Lawton, and thank you! 

September 2019 - Joe Longval


The Volunteer of the Month for September is Joe Longval. Joe is a second-year parent at Founders.  Twice he has assisted the school by removing materials that the school no longer needs. Some of the materials were very heavy and required a special truck to remove. Joe has willingly done this much needed service for the school every time he’s asked. Thank you and congratulations, Mr Longval!

2018 / 2019 School Year

June 2019 - Cindy Tellier


The Volunteer of the Month for June is Cindy Tellier. Cindy is the spouse of a teacher at Founders. She has assisted at musical concerts greeting guests and taking donations. She is always amazed at the musical talents of the Founders' students. Congratulations, Mrs. Tellier!

May 2019 - Rachel Kline


The Volunteer of the Month for May is Rachel Kline. Rachel is the spouse of a teacher at Founders. She recently spent an entire day as a guest speaker in the U.S. Law and Constitution classes talking about her experiences as a federal employee within the Executive Branch of government. She also has attended drama plays to support the students. Congratulations, Mrs. Kline!

April 2019 - Jennifer Vesey


The Volunteer of the Month for April is Jennifer Vesey. Jennifer is a parent at Founders who also works in education. She is consistently helping where needed, most recently with the "Seussical the Musical" production. She very supportive of her daughter and her classmates whether it's helping with the set or collecting ticket money. She is also active in the PTSA. Congratulations, Mrs. Vesey!

March 2019 - Jennifer Longval


The Volunteer of the Month for March is Jennifer Longval. Jennifer is a new parent at Founders this year. She has already substitute taught, helped at PTSA events and attended PTSA fundraising and regular meetings. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and offer ideas for Founders’ multiple needs.  Congratulations, Mrs. Longval!

February 2019 - Jennifer Nelson


The Volunteer of the Month for February is Jennifer Nelson. Jennifer is a Founders' parent who substitute teaches at Founders, helps with PTSA and open houses. Wherever there is an opportunity to help Founders, she and her son Evan are there ready to help. Jennifer supports charter education and school choice. We are appreciative of all the time Jennifer and her family lends to Founders. Congratulations, Mrs. Nelson!

December 2018 - Megan Hudzikiewicz

The Volunteer of the Month for December is Megan Hudzikiewicz! Mrs. Hudzikiewicz dutifully arranges that donated copier paper be delivered to Founders once a month. Copier paper is one of the most sought after items at Founders, so we are very grateful! Thank you, and congratulations, Mrs. Hudzikiewicz!

November 2018 - Nicole Ferrante


The Volunteer of the Month for November is Nicole Ferrante. Nicole is a Founders' parent who is the VP of Membership and the Interim President of the PTSA. She regularly attends PTSA meetings for fundraising, and drafted the first PTSA newsletter. She is highly organized and contributes great ideas to help students and faculty at Founders. Congratulations, Ms. Ferrante!

October 2018 - Tanya Kinara


The Volunteer of the Month for October is Tonya Kinara. Tonya is a Founders' parent and participates in PTSA events such as the Yard Sale. Recently, she donated multiple, much-needed items including plastic silverware, paper products, school store donations, faculty beverages, and classroom supplies. Congratulations, Ms. Kinara!

September 2018 - Tom Huot


The Volunteer of the Month for September is Tom Huot! Tom is a Founders' parent of two and volunteer. Throughout last year, he lent his time and talent as the PTSA Fundraising Chairman. In that role, he spent dozens of hours planning and facilitating events to benefit the entire school including a yard sale, school supply drive, and Penny Wars. Mr. Huot takes the time after work, on weekends, and during vacations to help all students and teachers at Founders. Thank you, Mr. Huot, for all you've done!  

2017 / 2018 School Year

May 2018 - Larry Bartlett

VOTM May 2018

The Volunteer of the Month for May is Larry Bartlett! Larry is a Founders' parent and volunteer. He is very generous in lending his time to assist with landscaping the school. Recently, when school recessed for Spring Break, Larry was alone on a quiet Friday afternoon spreading grass seed around the school. He has been described by another parent as ". . . very helpful with fall clean up as well. He is so supportive of his family. I love seeing how much he enjoys watching his son play in the jazz band!" 

Larry also has a keen sense of humor. He provided a good chuckle for Dean Mooney and his son Daniel when he forwarded them a photo of his parking in Dean Mooney's spot while they were on a field trip in New York City last September. Thank you, Larry, for all you've done and continue to do for Founders' faculty and students. Congratulations, Larry Bartlett!

April 2018 - Pam Morin 

VOTM April 2018

The Volunteer of the Month for April is Pamela Morin! Pam is a Founders' parent and volunteer. She has been described by another parent as a "rock star in getting the finances set up for the PTSA." She paid incredible attention to detail in tallying the proceeds from the recent "Penny Wars" which raised lots of money for Founders' teachers.   

Pam is a valuable member of the Founders' family and all she does is appreciated by faculty, staff and her colleagues on the Parent Teacher Student Association. Congratulations, Pam Morin!

March 2018 - Lawton and Olsen Families

VOTM March 2018

Congratulations to our volunteers of the month for March, the Olsen and Lawton families!

The Lawton Family secured a HUGE donation of furniture and supplies. The donations include chairs, desks, tables, filing cabinets, bookshelves, screens, projectors, office supplies, wall clocks and much more! On February 24, 2018, the Lawton and Olsen families spent the ENTIRE day moving, arranging, assembling and driving furniture!  There were TWO HUGE UHAULs filled with donations.  

Founders is so grateful for donations from its parents and the community. The Lawton Family thought of Founders when they knew of available furniture and supplies. Then, the entire Lawton and Olsen Families spent a great deal of time arranging for the deliveries all day on a Saturday. We are grateful beyond words. THANK YOU ALL!

February 2018 - Elizabeth Sanville

Elizabeth Sanville

Elizabeth Sanville has gone out of her way to become involved this year. She is the mom of three students at Founders. She has attended many Board of Trustees, PTSA planning and fundraising committee meetings as well as become Secretary/Clerk for the Parent Steering committee.  She attends all of the meetings with a positive attitude (and munchies) and will go out of her way to find the positive in any discussion about the school.

January 2018 - Jason DiPetro


Jason DiPietro has been a great help to the Founders Academy. He is a mentor for the FTC Blockbuster team, and oversees the programming and building process of the robot. In January, the Founders Academy hosted the final scrimmage before state championships, and he devoted his time to helping set up and clean up as well as assisting in the event itself.

He is a member on the Parent Steering Committee as well and is the representative of 8th grade. We greatly appreciate all the work that he has been doing for our school, and we'd like to congratulate him for being the volunteer of the month for January.

December 2017 - Kristy Ouellette


Kristy Ouellette is being honored as our volunteer of the month for the month of December. Kristy is a business owner, and an involved parent and even though she has a busy schedule she dedicates her free time to Founders.

Mrs. Ouellette filled in for a teacher for two weeks while said teacher was on leave. Mrs. Ouellette took the time out of her day(s) to assist the students with their studies, to make sure that they didn’t get too far behind while their teacher was out. She helps the school out when she can, and we are so happy to present her with this award for the wonderful work she does for the school.  - By Allison O., Student.

November 2017 - Laurie DiPietro


Laurie DiPietro has done a lot to help make the school a fun and enjoyable place for students. Laurie has been coordinating, taking the time to set up, and take down the dances, since the opening of the school in 2014. She works very hard at making sure the dances are a fun and memorable time for students. Laurie is at the school from the beginning of the day, till the very end decorating and taking down the spectacular dances. 

Laurie has also donated many items to the school whenever they are in need of supplies. She donates her time to the school, to help volunteer on school field trips and other school functions. Laurie is hard-working, thoughtful, giving, and goes above and beyond when it comes to being a parent volunteer. 
- By Paige D. and Jenna D.  

October 2017 - June Fung


This month's Volunteer of the Month is June Fung. Mrs. Fung has been at this school since its inception and regularly steps up to substitute when the school is in need. Founders is extremely grateful for this generous and hardworking parent. It means a lot to us that she is invested in our kids' education, and it’s great having a dedicated parent at our school. Thank you, Mrs. Fung!  - By Sarah F.

September 2017 - Denise Burke


Denise Burke is the Volunteer of the Month for September, 2017.  Mrs. Burke is the mother of Maddy in grade 8.   Mrs. Burke spent a great deal of the past summer helping to organize the warehouse, and tidy the school for opening day.   Founders is so grateful for volunteers like Mrs. Burke!   We couldn't function without them!   Thank you, Mrs. Burke!

2016 / 2017 School Year

June 2017 - Brenda Lombardozzi


My mom has been involved from the beginning when I came to Founders in Sixth Grade.  She first started to volunteer as a substitute and worked in the school store.  For the last two years she has been on the Board of Trustees working on the Annual Fund, and all other fundraisers at the school.  She has worked very hard to make the school a better place. - By Darren L.

May 2017 - Diane Bell

Diane Bell

Diane Bell is the volunteer of the month for May. She has worked many hours in the school store. Her favorite part of working in the school store is getting to know Founders students as well as doing good in the TFA community. She volunteers because she likes to support the school, which is a very important part of her daughters' lives. Thank you Diane, for the time and effort you put into The Founders Academy! - By Jessica B.

April 2017 - Janna Burke

Janna Burke

She is a very dedicated woman to volunteering for The Founders Academy. Mrs. Burke has been volunteering to support The Founders Academy mission. Every Friday she sacrifices her own time to volunteer here at The Founders Academy. We are proud to announce that Mrs. Burke is the volunteer of April, ‘We are very proud of our Mother, to be the volunteer of the month.’ - says Mrs. Burke’s kids Patrick and Olivia. Thank You Mrs. Burke. - By Patrick B.

March 2017 - Lisa Howe

Lisa Howe

Lisa Howe is the volunteer of the month for March! Lisa is a parent at Founders. She often volunteers her time on popcorn Fridays and to coordinate the restaurant fundraisers.

Founders loves its volunteers and appreciates all the time contributed to school!    

Thank you and congratulations, Mrs. Howe!

February 2017 - Hilary Breault

Hilary Breault

Hilary Breault tries to help and volunteer with everything even during busy weeks and days. She has been volunteering at my school since I was in kindergarten and she helped so much; all the staff knew her. I love that she helps because it gets everything done quicker and we can go on more trips with the school. Thank you mom for helping out. - By Jaden B.

January 2017 - Moira Ryan and Maryann Ryan

December 2016 - Kari Karwedsky, Chris Mikus, & Amy Forcier


Founders FIRST Lego League leaders Kari Karwedsky, Chris Mikus and Amy Forcier were our December volunteers of the month! Each Friday, these volunteer parents come to the school late in the evening to coach, educate, mentor and encourage students who are part of the FIRST Lego League. Additionally, they did very well at the state championship last month in Windham! We thank them profusely for their time, dedication and talent shared with Founders’ students! 

November 2016 - Victoria Sullivan & Denise Violette

Sullivan Violette

Congratulations to Victoria Sullivan and Denise Violette! Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Violette are the volunteers of the month for November! Both ladies substitute taught during a recent transition in certain Spanish classes. Founders is so grateful for its volunteers! Thank you State Rep. Sullivan and Mrs. Violette!

October 2016 - Kylene Normandin & Robin Gage

Normandin Gage

We are pleased to announce our volunteers of the month for October, Kylene Normandin and Robin Gage!

How fortunate we have been to have both Robin and Kylene! They both picked up the ball 6 months ago after initiating the idea of bringing a Craft/Vendor Fair to the school, and kept running with it. They were able to bring a wonderful fundraising event to the school that involved all aspects of the Founders community, from students, parents, teachers/staff, and the outside community.

They are a great team and as they have worked together since June putting all the pieces together to have a successful event. Robin was the record keeper and organized all of the crafters/vendors and previewed all of their products on social media. Their tireless efforts brought over 70 sellers to our 1st time event, which are amazing results. They had color coded, charts, table assignments, and professionalism throughout the process.

Kylene was the cheerleader and marketer, constantly trying to get the word out to the public, soliciting donations, and paying attention to all of the small details involved in an event like this. The enthusiasm and constant motivation to make it a great event for the school was uplifting! 

All of your efforts are appreciated by everyone here at Founders!

September 2016 - Richard Hyotte


We are pleased to announce our September Volunteer of the Month, Mr. Richard Hyotte!

This person is very dedicated and devoted to our school. This person has moved the furniture to fit the school’s needs as well as the classrooms. He also attends many meetings and even mowed the soccer field for us. - By Aidan and Fiona H.

2015 / 2016 School Year

4th Quarter - Kevin & Jennifer Ahern, Ronald Mote, Sandy Mote, Kerri Sullivan, Keith & Cindy Lacasse

4th Quarter 2015/16

We have several volunteers to thank and commend this quarter for all their help around the school!  Kevin and Jennifer Ahern, Ronald Mote, and Sandy Mote helped tremendously with the drama production play a few months ago. Kerri Sullivan helped organize a spectacular Teacher Appreciation Week. Keith and Cindy Lacasse have generously lent their time and talent to the Landscape Committee and the school store this year.   

We wouldn’t be where we are today or have nearly as much success with our events and activities if it wasn’t for these and all of our volunteers, so thank you so much!
3rd Quarter - Denise Violette & Valerie McAdams

3rd Quarter 2015/16

It is with tremendous gratitude that Founders recognizes Mrs. Violette and Mrs. McAdams as “Volunteers of the Quarter.”   

Mrs. Violette is a regular substitute teacher and popcorn saleswoman at the school. Her generous can-do energy and attitude have benefited Founders countless times this year. Thank you, Mrs. Violette!

Mrs. McAdams is regular presence in the school store. She consistently volunteers to ensure that students are able to have a fully-stocked and open school store twice per week. She also substitute teaches and helps where needed. Thank you, Mrs. McAdams!

Congratulations to you both!

2nd Quarter - Patrice Benard

Mrs. Bernard

Founders is grateful to have Mrs. Patrice Benard as the long-term substitute for Math Course 1 until a permanent replacement is found. Mrs. Benard is a Founders’ parent, active volunteer, and former homeschooling parent who has taught Saxon Math for years. Thank you for helping Founders, Mrs. Benard!

1st Quarter - Daniel Marcotte

The Volunteer of the First Quarter is Mr. Daniel Marcotte!   Over the summer, Mr. Marcotte came in numerous times to install and fix the computers in both computer labs 1 and 2.  Without his input, time and knowledge of computers, we wouldn’t have both labs open today.  Founders thanks him very much!

Thank you, Mr. Marcotte!

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