John Stark Day Essay Contest

John Stark Day Essay Contest
for Middle and High School Students

All students are welcome to participate in the 2021 John Stark Day Essay Contest!

For middle school students:
John Stark was promoted in rank when he did something brave that helped Americans reach victory. Have you done something under pressure that helped you or someone else? What did you do, and how did it feel to step out of your comfort zone for a good cause? How was your modern brave act similar and different to John Stark's brave acts in his lifetime?

For high school students:
John Stark was promoted in rank when he took action to help Americans reach victory. Do you think the size of your victory depends on how much action you take to get there? Would John Stark have been as successful and remembered today if he had taken smaller actions? What was John Stark's biggest action and biggest victory? Was his victory worth his actions? Why or why not?

Choose the option that interests you the most, even if you are not in the respective grade level. 

Due: Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Prize: $50 for each middle and high school winner

Additional requirements:
• Evidence of comprehensive and accurate historical research.
• Utilization and consistent citation of at least 2 resources.
• Adherence to theme, demonstrating substantial supporting detail.
• Proper MLA citations. You can find a guide here.
• Essays must be free of plagiarism. You can read about plagiarism and how to avoid it here.
• Works Cited – Only sources cited in the body of the paper should appear on the Works Cited.
• Maximum of 1200 words.

Students should submit their completed essays by Wednesday, March 31 to Mr. Morse at [email protected]
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