Science Department at The Founders Academy

Science affects our whole society, making scientifically literate citizenship vital. Learning the process of science through laboratory experiences, project-based, and learning about influential individuals & the role of the United States in science. 

The Founders Academy requires three science credits for graduation. Courses available include: Levels 1-3 Integrated Science (middle school), Integrated Physical Science, Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry part A & B, Physics part A & B, Natural History of New Hampshire, and Space Sciences. The science department strongly suggests a high school experience that includes Integrated Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. 

Allyse Hanlon
Jodi Knight
Maggie Minor

Jackie Mueller
Anne Perrella
Kate Robichaud
Helene Wherry

Course Syllabi of the Science Department
Science Grade 5 Syllabus (Robichaud) 2022-23
Science 1 Syllabus (Hanlon) 2022-23
Science 1 Syllabus (Knight) 2022-23
Science 2 Syllabus (Perrella & Hanlon) 2022-23
Science 2 Syllabus (Easterbrooks) 2022-23
Science 3 Syllabus (Perrella & Wherry)
Space Science Syllabus (Wherry)
Biology Syllabus (Perrella) 2022-23
Integrated Physical Science Syllabus (Hogan & Wherry) 2022-23
Chemistry Syllabus (Wherry) 2022-23
Physics Syllabus (Wherry) 2022-23
Aviation Science (Wherry) 2022-23
Foundations in Acoustics and Audio Syllabus (Hazzard) 2022-23
Physical Education Syllabus (Minor) 2022-23
Physical Education Syllabus (Meilleur)
High School Health Syllabus

Other Important Documents, Fact Sheets, and Forms (2019-20 Academic Year)
Science Lab Safety Contract

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