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ATTENTION >>>> Have a great summer!   Students can still sign up for Summer Camps!.... The first day of the new school year is September 8, 2015! ..... Morning drop-off begins at 7:30am and ends at 8:00am..... Pickup starts at 3:15pm........ If you arrive after 8:00am, you must accompany your child to check-in at the front desk.

School News

Union Leader - Charles Arlinghaus: Senate's charter school funding would be devastating
ODDLY, STATE senators who claim to be supportive of charter schools are doing their best to destroy them. Perhaps charter schools would have been better off to have outright enemies in charge rather than pretend supporters whose token gestures will do more to close these alternative schools than active opposition would. - See more at:
Third Quarter Honor Roll
At the end of each quarter, TFA publishes an honor roll based on end-of-quarter cumulative grade averages.
Drop-off and Pick-up Information
Detailed plans for a safe and orderly drop-off and pick-up are in place. Information is posted on the Parents page and will be emailed to parent tfa accounts today. Please look for staff members in the driveway and parking lots, and follow their directions for the safety and well-being of all.
First Week Information
TFA team is ready to welcome students into our new building and get our school year underway! Our first week of school is planned to give the students an orientation to the building and get them familiar with their schedules, teachers, routines, and with other students. Please look for an email later today with important first-day information. The entire TFA team is working diligently to ensure a smooth and enjoyable beginning of school for all!
Supply lists are posted on the Back-to-School pages in the Students and Parents tabs.
As new teachers and subjects are added, new supplies are added to the list. We will continue to update the list and keep parents informed. Thanks so much for your ongoing support as we move forward together to TFA's opening day!
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