Mathematics Department at The Founders Academy

Mathematics Department
The emphasis as a department is in the area of skill-building and problem solving. Students will be given the opportunity to practice on previously learned skills as well as have the opportunity to be challenged with new concepts. As new skills are introduced, students will be expected to solve word problems and challenge problems as well. Students will learn to and be able to articulate their thoughts and explain how they arrived at their answers.
Paul Dlubac
Allyse Hanlon
Laura Hogan
Patti Muccioli
Virginia Nichols

Kate Robichaud
Christine Tyrie

Course Syllabi of the Mathematics Department
Mathematics - Grade 5 Syllabus (Robichaud)
Math 1 - Grade 6 Syllabus (Dlubac)
Grade 7 Mathematics 2 Syllabus (McMahon)
Grade 7 Mathematics 2 Syllabus (Muccioli)
8th Grade Math 3 / Pre-Algebra Syllabus (McMahon)
8th Grade Math 3 / Pre-Algebra Syllabus (Muccioli)
Algebra 1 Syllabus (Hayes, Muccioli, and Tyrie)
Probability and Statistics / AP Stats Syllabus (Tyrie)

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