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The Founders Academy offers the following classes in the 2021-2022 school year. Each class below is listed underneath its subject. To view the subject's Department web page, click on the subject name header (coming soon). To view information on each class below (including class description, syllabus, etc.), click on the class title. 


Credits Required for Graduation in each subject area in (parentheses)

* - receives high school credit

AP - Advanced Placement (College Board)

Courses are leveled. Founders levels correspond with the following grade level equivalents:

Level 1 = 6th grade

Level 2 = 7th grade

Level 3 = 8th grade

Level 4 = 9th grade

Level 5 = 10th grade

Level 6 = 11th grade Level 7 = 12th grade

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High School Round Table
9th-12th Grade Round Table Description
High School Round Table Curriculum

Middle School Round Table
6th Grade Round Table Description
7th-8th Round Table Description
Middle School Round Table Curriculum


English Language Arts (4)

Level 1 - Ancient Literature
Level 1 - Writing Lab 6
Level 2 - European Literature
Level 2 - Logic
Level 3 - American Literature I
Level 3 - American Literature I Honors*
Level 4 - High School Composition*
Level 4 - Rhetoric*
Level 5 - American Literature II*
Level 5 - American Literature II Honors*
Level 6 - Modern World Literature*
Level 6 - Modern World Literature Honors*

English Language Arts Electives
Intro to Creative Writing* (Dual Credit Option)
Intro to College Writing* (Dual Credit Option)
Intro to Drama Literature* (Dual Credit Option)
Classical Mythology* (Dual Credit Option)
Global Literature I*
Global Literature II*
Fantasy Literature and the Art of World-Building*
Utopian and Dystopian Literature* 

History (5)

Level 1 - Introduction to Geography
Level 1 - Ancient Cultures 
Level 2 - Western Civilization
Level 3 - US History I*
Level 4 - Civics and Leadership*
Level 5 - US History II*
Level 6 - Modern Word History*  
Level 6/7 - US Law and Constitution*

History Electives 
Cultural Geography* 
20th Century Cultural History*
Holocaust and Human Behavior*
Women in US History*
US Military History*


Level 1 - Math Lab 6
Level 1 - Math 1
Level 2 - Math Lab 7 
Level 2 - Math 2 
Level 3 - Math 3
Level 3/4 - Algebra 1A
Level 3/4 - Algebra 1B*
Level 3/4 - Algebra I* (Algebra 1A and 1B are equivalent to Algebra I, offered to advanced middle school students.  Students may take either as first math class for HS credit.  Algebra I in one year is offered to on-level 8th grade students.)
Level 4/5 - Geometry*
Level 4/5 - Geometry Honors*
Level 5/6 - Algebra II*
Level 5/6 - Algebra II/Trigonometry (Honors)*
Level 6 - Probability & Statistics* 

Math Electives
Pre-Calculus (Honors)*
Calculus (Honors)*
Consumer Math*


Level 1 - Science 1
Level 2 - Science 2
Level 3 - Science 3
Level 4 - Integrated Physical Science*
Level 5 - Biology*
Level 6 - Chemistry A*
Level 6 - Chemistry B*

Science Electives
AP Biology*
Space Science*
Natural History of New Hampshire*
Forensic Science*

Health & Physical Education (1.5)

PE/Health 6
High School Health High School Alternative Credit PE I/II High School PE I (Fall)
High School PE II (Spring)


(*1 High School credit awarded if student takes all three years of language in middle school)

Level 2 - Foundations of French 1
Level 3 - Foundations of French 2*
Level 4 - French I*
Level 4/5 - French II*
Level 5/6 - French III*
Level 6/7 - French IV*
Level 7 - French V*

Level 2 - Foundations of Spanish 1
Level 3 - Foundations of Spanish 2*
Level 4 - Spanish I*
Level 4/5 - Spanish II*
Level 5/6 - Spanish III*
Level 6/7 - Spanish IV*

World Language Elective
Spanish Conversation*


Visual Arts

Level 1 - Art 6
Level 2 - Art 7
Level 3 - Art 8

Visual Arts Electives
HS Art I*
HS Art II*
Painting I*
Painting II*
Ceramics I*
Ceramics II*

Performing Arts


Band Level 1 - Foundations Band
Band Level 2 - Concert Band
Band Level 3 - Symphonic Band
Band Level 4 - Wind Symphony (Honors)
Percussion Ensemble

Performing Arts Electives
Band Level 2HS - Concert Band*
Band Level 3HS - Symphonic Band*
Band Level 4HS - Wind Symphony (Honors)*
HS Percussion Ensemble*
Chorus Level 2HS*
Chorus Level 3HS*
Chorus Level 4HS*
Jazz Ensemble*
Piano I*
Music Theory and Composition*
History of American Musical Theatre*
History of American Music*

Theatre I*
Theatre II*
Theatre III*
Theatre IV*


Level 1 - Computer Science 1
Level 2 - Computer Science 1S 
Level 2 - Computer Science 2
Level 3 - Computer Science 3
Level 4 - Technology I*
Technology Electives*
Video Game Design I*
Website Design I* (Dual Credit Option)
AP Mobile App Development*
AP Computer Science A - Java*

Business (2)
Personal and Business Finance*
Entrepreneurship and Accounting*
Ethics and Economics*


(1) Students may petition for the individual revision and exception within the graduation requirements of the state of New Hampshire. (open to 11th and 12th grade students)

(2) Students must also complete the "Senior Project" 0.5 credit course. The senior project requirement can be satisfied by an outside internship, entrepreneurship endeavor, community service involvement, work with or creation of a non-profit organization, public service, business creation, or other creative project approved by the administration. Students must also earn 2 elective credits for graduation from The Founders Academy.

(3) The Founders Academy is actively pursuing Advanced Placement, dual-credit courses with local colleges and universities, and other opportunities for college credit through high school courses. (4) Twenty-six (26) credits required for graduation.
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