Alternative PE Credit Options

Prior to the start of any an alternative Physical Education (PE) course, or any alternative learning course, an Alternative Credit Form must be submitted to Student Services and be approved by the Scheduling Committee.

One option for alternative PE credit is to take an approved Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) physical education class, such as Health Opportunities through Physical Education (combined health and PE credit), Running, or Walking Fitness.

A second option is to acquire PE credit through an organized physical activity, such as a school-sponsored high school sport or a structured class (for example dance or karate). The following is an excerpt from the Founders Academy Program of Studies under the Health and Physical Education section. "A student must acquire 50 hours of participation on a sports team or in a class. The hours must be logged and signed off on by the coach or instructor on the Alt PE Completion Confirmation form, which should be returned to Student Services to receive .50 PE credit. This may be repeated twice for a total of 1 full PE credit, which fulfills the graduation requirement. Only structured activities, supervised by a coach or instructor will be approved for PE credit."

Download / view the Alternative Physical Education Competition Form
Form may be returned electronically.

High School Alternative Credit PE I/II
Duration: One Semester
HS Credit: 0.5
Prerequisites: Prior approval from the Scheduling Committee

(Typical High School Class; Satisfies PE Graduation Requirement)

Description: Many students at The Founders Academy choose to fulfill the New Hampshire requirements for Physical Education through ways other than a scheduled class. This option allows a student to receive credit for physical activities that they were likely to participate in while also freeing up room in their schedule in order to take more classes that match their interests.

One season of a school-sponsored high school sport (Freshman, Junior Varsity, or Varsity) from the student's sending district can count for one semester of PE with documentation from the coach confirming that the student participated in good standing for the season. Other organized sports and activities (dance, karate, etc.) can possibly be counted with 50 hours of participation equaling one semester worth of credit. (Note: It is important that these organized activities are approved by the Scheduling Committee before participation.)

Signed documentation (and possibly a log tracking the hours) from a coach or instructor will likely be required as proof of completion. 

This option can be repeated twice for one total credit in order to meet the PE Graduation Requirements.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your guidance counselor.
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