Music, Visual Arts, and Theatre

Music, Visual Arts, & Theatre Department at The Founders Academy

Music, Visual Arts, & Theatre Department
The Music, Visual Arts, & Theatre Department at The Founders Academy is a diverse program of hands-on learning. Scroll down for more information on each course discipline. 

Band Faculty, Syllabi, and Overview

Beginning Band
This class is designed primarily for students who are new to a particular band instrument. The ultimate goal is to be ready to join the 6th Grade Concert Band by January. No prior musical experience is necessary. 

The instruments offered are: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, and Percussion. Students are given the opportunity to try the different instruments before they choose one to focus on. 

Students will be supplied with lesson books but will need to provide their own instruments that are in working condition. Rental and purchase options will be discussed in class. 

Concert Band
These classes are designed for students who have been playing a woodwind, brass, percussion, or string instrument for at least one year. (These groups do not include piano or guitar.) 

Students will start by reviewing material they learned in the previous year and then work on expanding their playing ranges. Students will work on new notes, rhythms, dynamics, time signatures, key signatures, and major scales. 

Students in the 6th Grade Band will perform in at least two concerts during the year. Students in the 7th/8th Grade Band will perform in at least 3 concerts during the year and will have the opportunity to participate in the Great East Music Festival.

Music / Band Teachers
James Geikie
Greg McKenzie
Kevin Tellier

Course Syllabi for Band Classes in the MVAT Department
Musical Arts - Grade 5 Syllabus (Gelkie)
Visual Arts - Grade 5 Syllabus (Gelkie)
Level 1 Band Syllabus (Tellier)
Level 2 Band Syllabus (Tellier)
Percussion Techniques Syllabus (Tellier)
Jazz Ensemble Syllabus (Tellier)

Course Benchmarks for Band Classes in the MVAT Department
Band Department Benchmarks

Chorus Faculty and Syllabi

Chorus Teacher
Peter Hazzard
Damon Honeycutt

Course Syllabi for Chorus Classes in the MVAT Department
Chorus Level 1 Syllabus (Honeycutt)
Chorus Level 2 Syllabus (Honeycutt)
Chorus Level 2 Syllabus (Hazzard)
Chorus Level 3 Syllabus (Hazzard)
Chorus Level 4 Syllabus (Hazzard)

Visual Arts Faculty and Syllabi

Visual Arts Teachers
James Gelkie
Damon Honeycutt
Maggie Minor
Erin Tsiatsios

Course Syllabi for Visual Arts Classes in the MVAT Department
Visual Arts - Grade 5 Syllabus (Gelkie)
6th Grade Art Syllabus (Tsiatsios)
Art 7 Syllabus (Tsiatsios)
8th Grade Art Syllabus (Deeley)
High School Art Syllabus (Deeley)

Theatre Faculty, Syllabi, and Overview

The curriculum focuses on the concepts of theatre: acting, lighting, sets, and costumes, as well as the practical application of design. Our students work collaboratively to create their own interpretations of theatrical works. They are given leadership roles which ask them to bring their imaginations to life through their work.

Students will learn through a variety of methods. They will study the history of the theatre, engage in hands-on practical applications, and participate in several workshops throughout the year, the most significant of which is the New Hampshire Educational Theatre Guild student workshops in the fall.

In addition to learning and practicing elements of design, students will also develop a critical perspective of theatre as they research and write performance reviews throughout the year.

Theatre Teacher - High School
Kate Mote

Course Syllabi for Theatre Classes in the MVAT Department
High School Theatre Syllabus (Mote)

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