Fall Calendar Raffle

Calendar Raffle - November 2023

Congratulations to our top three Fall Calendar Raffle ticket sellers!Top Student Calendar Sellers
The Student winners with Dean Hayes: First Place: $150 - Summer-Starr, Second Place: $100 - Amelia Z., Third Place: $50 -Bentley

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this such a successful fundraiser for The Founders Academy!

The Fall 2023 Calendar Raffle
2023 Fall Calendar Raffle
The New England leaves have started their change to vibrant colors, pumpkins and mums decorate our homes, and Halloween is right around the corner. That can mean only one thing: it’s time for our Annual Fall Calendar Raffle to benefit the Annual Fund! To make this fundraiser a success, we need ALL of our Founders families to be involved! We ask each family to sell or purchase all 10 calendars. Each calendar costs $10 and additional calendars are available if your family would like to sell more.

Calendar sales begin now and go through the month of November. Winners will be drawn daily and posted on The Founders Academy website. Winning tickets will be re-entered into the drawing and winners are eligible to win all month long!

Please be sure the purchaser’s name and contact information is clearly marked on the ticket.

Students should return their tickets with money to their Roundtable teachers. You can give those envelopes: 1.) directly to Mrs. Forsyth in her office #102 or 2.) ask one of the fabulous ladies at the front desk to put tickets and money in Mrs. Forsyth's mailbox behind the front desk.

In addition to the cash prizes awarded daily, we have student incentives:
• First Prize: $150 to the student that sells the most calendars
• Second Prize: $100 to the student who sells the second most tickets
• Third Prize: $50 to the student who sells the third most tickets

In the event of a tie, a drawing between tied students will determine the winner. Should the Fall Calendar Ticket sales not exceed the prize money to be awarded, The Founders Academy reserves the right to cancel the fundraiser and refund all the money.

Every student that turns in a minimum of 10 tickets will receive a small token of thanks.

Thank you in advance for your participation and support in making this annual fundraiser a huge success!

Daily Calendar Raffle Winners -
November 2023

November 1: $250: Katie Missimer
November 2: $50: Tiffanny Rigel

November 3: $50: Jenna Sarette
November 4: $100: Lisa Zonfrillo
November 5: $100: Isabella Danko
November 6$50: Tiffanny Rigel
November 7: $50: Heather Moreau
November 8$50: Cindy Rickard
November 9: $50: Jessica Houston
November 10: $50: Kelly McMahon
November 11: $100: The Yost Family
November 12
: $100: Michael O'Neil
November 13$50:  Cherina Cohen
November 14$50: Amanda Saunders
November 15$50: Scott Lianos
November 16: $50: Janice Tentas
November 17: $50: Jason Foster
November 18$100: Marilyn Mons
November 19$100: Kim Lavallee
November 20$50: Jen Kwiatek
November 21$50: Diana Lianos
November 22$50: Linda Morrissette
November 23$250: Kelly Gagnon
November 24: $50: Susan Hamel
November 25$100: Matthew Learned
November 26$100: Kelsey Lagasse
November 27$50: Brianne Dionne
November 28
: $50: Brianne Dionne
November 29$50: Sue Koczarski
November 30: $250: Carlene Horne

* Please note: Winners have the option of publishing their names on our web site. If they opt-out, the winner will be displayed as "Anonymous."

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