Dress Code

Updated: September 6, 2023  

The Founders Academy Dress Code was created by students in collaboration with the Dean and teachers. It is based on principles of respectfulness, modesty, neatness and appropriateness.  The purpose is to promote self-respect, respect for others, and for the school as a place of learning, and to create a professional appearance to the world.

Exceptions may be granted for religious reasons if they do not create a risk to public health or safety.

Staff will be responsible for upholding the dress code by reporting possible violations to the Dean, her assistant, or to the Director of Student Affairs.  The decision of any one of these three administrators will be considered final.  In certain cases students will not return to classes until a change of clothes has taken place. 

This dress code is to be followed in both the in person or remote learning environments.

The Founders Academy Public Charter School celebrates the whole person. One of the ways that individual students express themselves is the way they dress. In growing the leaders of the future and the guardians of our liberty, we want to encourage students to make clothing choices that are respectful to themselves, to their teachers and administrators and to the school.

General Guidelines
No hoods or hats (worn over your head indoors)
No inappropriate, negative or disrespectful messages or graphics (no alcohol, tobacco, drugs, violence, weapons, or profanity)
No rips, tears, or holes in clothing that show any undergarments or shorter than fingertip length
No sheer clothing, unless solid underneath
All undergarments must be covered completely
Pajamas are prohibited
Sweatpants must be clean and modest

Shirts and Tops
Tops must have modest neckline
All straps must be two fingers in width at minimum
Midriff must be covered at all times

Shorts, dresses, and skirts must not be shorter than fingertip length
No messages or words on backside
Pants must not fall below the waist
No sheer pants or leggings, unless covered with skirt or dress

Shoes must be safe and comfortable to be worn during all activities 
Heels cannot exceed 2½ inches high

Makeup, Jewelry & Hair
Hair, makeup and accessories will be modest and appropriate
Piercings must be modest and appropriate

During semi-formal dances, the dress code is as follows:

For the gentlemen, a collared shirt (button down or polo) and slacks/khakis are requested. No jeans or t-shirts. A tie is preferred but not mandatory.

For the ladies, a dress or skirt or nice pants is acceptable.  No jeans or t-shirts.  The length of the dress/skirt must go past the fingertips on your hand when you place your hands down along your side. Strapless or spaghetti strap dresses are not allowed (unless you wear a shrug/sweater), but you may have a dress with straps on the shoulders that are at least 2 fingers width wide (if you put two fingers together and hold them up to the dress straps, the material must be at least that wide).  Strapless shoes for semi-formal dances are allowed.

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