Drop-off & Pickup Procedure

Updated: August 15, 2023

Before and after school, Founders will have traffic navigators directing the flow during drop-off and pickup. Traffic navigators will use two different signs to signal cars and buses. Please watch for the signs, our goal is a safe environment for our students. The map at the bottom of the page shows the traffic flow and drop-off points. 

Below are procedures we are asking students, staff, and parents to follow. We will continue to assess the situation and make improvements if needed.

(1) Anyone who is at the school for the full day (students and staff), can park in the back, on the side, or at the far end of the parking lot. No one should be parked at the school for the full day between the hill and the crosswalk.
(2) All students who leave a 2:25 should park in the back.
(3) Any parent picking up at 3:15 should come to the parking lot after 2:45 to allow time for the 2:25 pickup traffic to clear out.
(4) All parents MUST park in a spot for 2:25 pickup. No cars will be allowed on the side of the driveway or on the hill. Students will not be permitted to walk off the property at 2:25 to get a ride in another parking lot.

REMINDER: Handicap spots are for vehicles with a handicap pass only.

Pick Up/Drop Off

Students who commute by car will be dropped-off and picked up at the rear (lower) cafeteria. Drivers must know to drive around the building to drop-off and pickup. Our traffic navigators will provide guidance to drivers and students. DO NOT STOP RANDOMLY TO DROP-OFF OR PICKUP STUDENTS.


This year, buses will drop-off at the front door. Pickup will be in the rear of the building with car pickup. Our traffic navigators will provide guidance to drivers and students.

Sign #1: DRIVE (green sign):
The green sign DRIVE will be held up to signal cars and buses to drive. As long as this sign is up, cars can move forward and approach and exit the drop-off/pickup point. Please drive ONLY when you see the DRIVE sign held up.

Sign #2: STOP / WALK (red and white sign):
The STOP / WALK sign will be held up when all traffic needs to stop. This sign is also displayed (held up) during the time cars are NOT moving and it is safe for students to exit or approach and enter a car.

Please respect the STOP / WALK sign for the safety of the students. No vehicle should be moving while the STOP / WALK sign is up. Our traffic navigators will provide guidance to drivers and students. Please note that our staff is doing everything possible to enforce the traffic patterns, keep things moving, and keep students safe.

Please be patient and refrain from speeding. Founders expects the same appropriate behavior from its parents as it does from its students. We are working hard to make the drop-off and pickup as smooth and short as possible for everyone.

Please remember that if you arrive after 7:40 am in the morning to drop off your child, your child must come into the main lobby to sign himself / herself in at the front desk.

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