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Updated: August 13, 2021  

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Back to School Supplies for Middle & High School Students

For Middle School Students:

This is a standard supplies list, students will receive individual course syllabus during the first few weeks of school that may require additional items. 
• Loose-leaf paper
• Pencils
• Erasers
• Ruler
• Assignment book or planner (Note: Founders will be providing assignment books for students to purchase. Assignment books will be $5 each and teachers will use these books to help students organize their homework and assignments. Check or cash can be brought to the front desk. Checks can be made out to The Founders Academy.)
• A book for reading (personal choice)
• A personal electronic device (see the recommended options for students below)

For High School Students: 
The list above is a great place to start with planning your school supplies.

Please know that each high school course syllabus will be reviewed during the first few weeks of school and may require additional items specific to the class. 

Start thinking about what organizational tools can be most utilized by you! For example: Post-It notes, highlighters, extra binders or notebooks for individual courses.

It is your responsibility as a high school student to decide what you need organizationally to be successful and to reach out for assistance when needed. 

Any questions on supplies or organizational skills please contact your guidance counselor.

For a more detailed list of the needed supplies, please review this document.

What Electronic Device is Needed at Founders?

Recommended Devices for Students (BYOD):
At The Founders Academy, we recommend that students have a personal device to use to support academic learning across all content areas. Students are asked to access academic work digitally in Google Classroom on a regular basis. It is our recommendation that students have a base level Google Chromebook to support their academic learning. 

Students can have a traditional laptop, however, the battery doesn’t last a full school day and these are typically heavier to transport. In addition, they should also have a wired headset with recording capabilities to support their learning in computer science classes. We advise selecting one that has a battery life of 6 or more hours so it will last through the school day. Also, it is good to look for one that has "gorilla glass" as these are more durable given wear and tear of going to and from school.

All students will need standard headphones with a 3.5 mm jack. Bluetooth and AirPods will not work in the computer lab.

If high school students are taking AP Computer Science or Python programming course a standard laptop is recommended over the Chromebook.    

If you have multiple children enrolled at the school we recommend that each child have their own device to use. Please keep in mind the weight of the device when purchasing as your child will need to transport their device from each class in their bag along with their binders and textbooks.    

Learn more about Google Chromebooks on Amazon. Prices vary on quality and sales.

Science Lab Eye Protection

Required Science Goggles:

All students are required to have their own pair of chemical goggles that meet ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards. See an example here. Please note that carpentry goggles, glasses, and others may not meet the safety requirements. Students who already own proper goggles in good working condition may continue to use them. 

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