Clubs and Activities

Updated: September 26, 2023 

Recreation and Leisure Clubs

Minecraft Club
Advisor: Mr. Canetti
Room 158
Meeting time: Thursdays 3:15 to 4:30 
A Club that promotes teamwork and creativity. In honor of the past club leader, we will build and play together. 

Anime Club
Advisor: Mr. Canetti
Meeting time: Fridays 3:15-4:30
Room 158
Students will meet weekly and discuss/watch selected (school appropriate) anime episodes, hold elections, and potentially create their own anime(s). Meetings can include brainstorming for more ideas in the future, such as cosplay parties. 

E-Sports Club / Switch Club 
Advisor: Mr. Canetti
Meeting time: Mondays 3:15-4:30 
Room 158
Have you ever been good at a video game and wanted to play competitively? Well now you can with the all new E-sports Club! We will play different games, such as Rocket-League, Apex etc. 

Knitting / Crocheting Club
Advisor: Ms. Robichaud
Meeting time: Wednesdays 3:30-4:30
Room 208
Ms. Robichaud has offered to teach a group of students how to knit. She already has the needles donated to the group. 

Running / Walking Club
Advisors: Ms. Nichols & Mr. Morse
Meeting time: Thursdays 3:30-4:40
Room 146
Running / Walking Club welcomes seasoned and new runners to work on their fitness goals after school.

Sewing Club
Meeting time: Tuesdays 3:15-4:30
This club welcomes new and experienced sewers. We will be learning how to sew by hand and with machines to create a wide variety of projects. If you have a sewing machine you would like to use, please bring it! If you don't have one we have some to share. All are welcome!

Dungeons & Dragons Club
Advisor: Mr. Morse
Meeting time: Wednesdays from 3:15-4:30
Room 146
Description: Do you like to socialize? Role play? Create and interact with characters and worlds? Join us as we roll the dice and navigate through lands and stories and have adventures along the way!
Membership: All Founders Academy students.

Gardening Club
Advisor: Mr. Morse
Meeting time: Fridays from 3:20-4:20pm
Room 132
Do you want to learn how to keep your cool green leafy plant alive? Do you like to garden or plant? Well, the Gardening Club might be the club for you! We welcome anyone interested in learning how or more about gardening.

Pokemon Club
Advisor: Mrs. Knight
Meeting time: Wednesday 3:15-4:15
Room 123A
Students bring their Pokemon cards, play Pokemon, discuss Pokemon related topics like characters, Pokemon Go, video games and new releases. 

Cold War Club
Meeting time: Tuesdays 3:20-4:20 
Room 148
Cold War Club is an in-depth look at the second war. The club will focus on leadership, strategy, specific battles and soldier stories. On a typical day, a club meeting will consist of discussion, maps, lectures, documentaries and movies. Students are encouraged to do their own research and presentations to share with the club. 

Gender Sexuality Alliance
Meeting time: 3:30 - 4:30
Room 210 
The Gender-Sexuality Alliance is an after school club that serves as a safe space and support network for members and supports the LGBTQIA+ community.

Jewelry Making Club
Meeting time: Fridays 3:15 to 4:00
Room 210
In this club we will be raising money for charity, making jewelry, playing games and having fun. The charity organization is Families in Transition. I will provide all of the supplies unless asked to bring in some. Students will have supplies but are very limited.

The Art Club
Advisor: Mr. Geikie
Meeting time: Mondays 3:30 to 4:00
Room 210
This club is where we make art pieces and sell the art then use the money for the school. We will also teach each other how to do different styles of art and we will have a lot of fun. 

Shakespeare Club 
Advisor: Mr. Efstathiou and Mrs. Bringhurst
Meeting time: Tuesdays 3:30 to 4:30
Room 206
In this club we will be reading and going over Shakespeare’s plays. The play choices for study:
Caesar, Othello, Much Ado About Nothing, & Romeo and Juliet.

Fishing / Fly Fishing Club
Advisor: Mr. Dauphinee
Meeting time: Tuesdays 3:15 to 4:15
Room 143
Casting lessons and supervision fishing in the Cohas Stream behind the school for an hour after school.

Sticker Club
Meeting time: Mondays 3:15 to 4:00
You get to make stickers, sell the stickers, help the school, and have fun!

Beyblade Club
Advisor: Ms. Hermandinger
Meeting time: Tuesdays 3:15-4:00 in TBD
Description: Classmates get together to learn about Beyblades trading and battles. It is also a fun time for friends and community. We want to play games and learn more about Beyblades.

Lovecraftian RPG Club
Advisor: Mr. Healey
Meeting time: Thursdays 3:30-4:30 in Room 182
Description: This is a club where we will play the Lovecraftian RPG Call of Cthulhu. This is an RPG where you don't play immortal supermen like DND but instead you need to use your wit and cunning to defeat the monsters.

The Founders "Patriot" Student Newspaper 
Meeting time: TBD Monthly in the High School dining area
Description: The Club will be a continuation of The Founders Patriot Newspaper from last year.

Advisor: Mrs. Muccioli
Meeting time: Wednesdays 2:30 in Library
Description: We are a registered club through UNICEF. Our purpose is to raise funds and awareness of children's rights. We collect clothing for Savers and in turn Savers, through a program called FundSavers, pays $0.20 per pound to the charity of our choice.

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