Board Policies - Approved

Updated: May 19, 2023

Below are the adopted policies by The Founders Academy. These policies are broken down into codes as established by the New Hampshire School Boards Association.

The Founders Academy Confidentiality Policy.pdf
School Visitation Policy.pdf
The Founders Academy Parent Advisory Committee.pdf
Admissions Policy.pdf
Service Animals in Schools.pdf
The Founders Academy Title I Parent/Guardian Involvement Policy.pdf
Parents Right-to-Know.pdf
Foster Care Policy.pdf

Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments
AA - Charter School Legal Status.pdf
AC - Non-Discrimination.pdf
ACE - Procedural Safeguards Non-Discrimination On The Basis Of Disability.pdf
ADB - Drug Free Workplace / Drug-Free School (see policy GBEC)
ADC - Tobacco Products Ban Use and Possession in and on School Facilities and Grounds.pdf

Section B: School Board Governance and Operation
BAA - Evaluation of the Board.pdf
BBA - School Board Powers and Duties.pdf
BBAA - Board Member Authority.pdf
BBBD - Board Member Removal from Office.pdf
BBBF - Student Members of the School Board.pdf
BBBG - Faculty Members of the School Board.pdf
BCA - School Board Member Ethics.pdf
BCB - Board Member Conflict of Interest.pdf
BEA - Regular Board Meetings.pdf
BEAA - School Board Meeting Preparation.pdf
BEC - Non-Public Session.pdf
BEDA - Public Notification of School Board.pdf
BEDB - Agenda.pdf
BEDH - Public Participation at Board Meetings.pdf
BG - Board Policy Process & Adoption.pdf
BHC - Board-Employee Communications.pdf
BIE - Board-Member Indemnification (Revision).pdf
BYOD - Use of Personal Devices, School Computers, Internet.pdf

Section D: Fiscal Management
DAA - Provision of Dissolution.pdf
DAF - Administration of Federal Grant Funds.pdf
DC - Taxing and Borrowing Authority Limitations.pdf
DFA - Investment.pdf
DID - Inventory Management.pdf
DIE - Audits.pdf
DJB - Purchasing Policies.pdf
DK - Payment Procedures.pdf
DZA - Capital Asset Policy.pdf
DZB - Debt Policy.pdf

Section E: Support Services
EB - Safety Program.pdf
EBBD - Indoor Air Quality.pdf
EEAA - Video Surveillance on School Property.pdf
EEAG - Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students.pdf
EHB - Data Records Retention.pdf

Section G: Personnel 
GA - Personnel Committee Goals.pdf
GADA - Employment References and Verifications (Prohibiting Aiding and Abetting of Sexual Abuse).pdf
GBAA - Sexual Harassment.pdf
GBEC - Drug-Free Workplace / Drug-Free School.pdf
GBED - Tobacco Products Ban Use and Possession.pdf
GBJ - Personnel Records.pdf
GCO - Evaluation of Professional Staff.pdf

Section I: Instruction
IHAK - Character and Citizenship Education.pdf
IJOC - Volunteers.pdf
IMAH - Daily Physical Activity.pdf
IMBD - High School Credit for 7th & 8th Grade Advanced Coursework.pdf
ITT - Tutoring.pdf

Section J: Students
JBAA - Sexual Harassment and Violence-Students.pdf
JFABD - Admission of Homeless Students .pdf
JH - Attendance Policy.pdf
JIA - Student Due Process Rights.pdf
JIC - Student Conduct.pdf
JICI - Weapons on School Property.pdf
JICDD - Student Discipline Outside of School Actions.pdf
JKAA - Child Restraint.pdf
JLCD - Administering Medicine to Students.pdf
JLDBA - Behavior Management and Intervention.pdf
JLDBB - Suicide Prevention & Response.pdf
JLF - Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect.pdf
JZB - Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention.pdf

Section K: School, Community, Home Relations
KEB - Public Complaints About School Personnel, Employees, Students or Administration.pdf

Section Z
ZPV - Personal Vehicle Use Agreement.pdf

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