Humanities Department at The Founders Academy

Humanities Department: History and English Language Arts
The Humanities Department at The Founders Academy encompasses two critical areas of learning: History and Language Arts. Scroll down for more information on each course discipline. 

History Faculty,  Syllabi, and Other Important Information
History is the cornerstone subject area at The Founders Academy. The most significant focus is on United States History, and the influences on the United States through the development of western civilization.

Students learn of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, Europe through the Dark Ages, Renaissance, and Enlightenment, and the United States from the Colonial Period to Modern History. 

The History classes focus on the country's founding documents, influences on those documents and the founding fathers, as the substructure for American exceptionalism.

History Teachers
Jennifer Barrett
Hazen Dauphinee
Nick Efstathiou
Kevin Follis
Eric Fournier
Ethan Healey
Damon Honeycutt
Ryan Manning

Andrew Mihaly

Course Syllabi for History Classes in the Humanities Department
History - Grade 5 Syllabus (Manning)
History I - Ancient Cultures Syllabus (Barrett)
History II Syllabus (Dauphinee)
History II Syllabus (Follis)
U.S. History I Syllabus (Follis)
U.S. History I: 1492 - 1877 Syllabus (Healey)
U.S. History II: 1877 - Present Syllabus (Healey)
U.S. History II: Reconstruction to Present Day Syllabus (Efstathiou)
Modern World History Syllabus (Efstathiou)
Civics and Leadership Syllabus (Dauphinee)
Civics and Leadership Syllabus (Efstathiou)
Civics and Leadership Syllabus (Mihaly)
Art History Syllabus (Mihaly)
History of the American Presidency Syllabus (Healey)
Holocaust and Human Behavior Syllabus (Healey)
History of Rock and Roll Syllabus (Hazzard)
Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History Syllabus (Healey)
Course Benchmarks for History Classes in the Humanities Department
History Department Benchmarks

English Language Arts Faculty,  Syllabi, and Other Important Information
The curriculum focuses on teaching and practicing the tools of communication. Our students work to develop their ability to express themselves eloquently, in both written and oral form, to analyze and respond to the ideas of others, and to organize their thoughts into a coherent, well-developed thesis.

Through the study of classical literature, our students enter the Great Conversation that has encouraged, illuminated, and demanded deep thinking and debate across the centuries. Our students are immersed in the study of the rich and meaningful heritage of stories in Western culture, with particular attention to the ways in which stories reflect and shape society. 

At this critical point in our students' academic development, we seek to nurture and expand their love of reading, encouraging them to broaden their reading horizons through exploration of a variety of genres. Reading, literary analysis, writing, poetry, spelling, grammar, vocabulary development, introductory logic, and listening, and speaking are integral components of the well-rounded program of middle school English studies. 

Students are expected to be able to read and write in cursive, in order to facilitate communication and independent study of source documents in middle school, high school, and beyond.

English Language Arts Teachers
Sara Anoli
John Farnsworth
Victoria Hermandinger
Damon Honeycutt
Gerrit Morse
Kate Mote
Kate Robichaud
Jennifer Spain

Course Syllabi for English Language Arts Classes in the Humanities Department
Literature - Grade 5 Syllabus (Fransworth)
Writing and Grammar - Grade 5 Syllabus (Farnsworth)
American Literature 1 Syllabus (Morse)
United States Literature 1 Syllabus (Spain)
United States Literature II - A Syllabus (Aroli)
United States Literature II - A3 Syllabus (Honeycutt)
English Level 1 Syllabus (Hermandinger)
English 2: Medieval Literature Syllabus (Aroli)
English 2: European Literature Syllabus (Spain)
Modern World Literature Syllabus (Mote)
Public Speaking Syllabus (Meilleur)
High School Rhetoric and Logic Syllabus (Morse)
Logic and Rhetoric Syllabus (Honeycutt)
Logic and Rhetoric Syllabus (Mote)
Yearbook / Literary Magazine Syllabus (Mote)
Graphic Novel Writing Syllabus (Morse)
Superheroes, Villains and Monsters Syllabus (Honeycutt)
Utopia and Dystopia Syllabus (Honeycutt)
College Writing Syllabus (Mote)

Course Benchmarks for English Classes in the Humanities Department
English Department Benchmarks

Other Important Documents, Fact Sheets, and Forms
English Required Reading Material 
Language Arts Writing Rubric
Language Arts Writing Process Checklist
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